Pinterest Monthly Management Service | Pinfluencer ELITE Monthly Management Package

Pinterest Monthly Management Service | Pinfluencer ELITE Monthly Management Package

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Does any of this sound like where you are right now: 

You know you need to get serious about Pinterest but you just don't have the time?

You want to start pinning your awesome content regularly but you're confused about what to pin and when so that you can get views, clicks and sales?

You need your audience to hear from your regularly but you're unsure of how to proceed on Pinterest?

Trust me I get it and don’t worry I got you!


My Pinfluencer Elite Monthly Management Package is exactly what you need to start seeing your audience grow with the power of Pinterest. 


What you’ll get:

  1. 60 min monthly call
  2. 9 original pins uploaded daily from repurposing your existing content OR 5  Idea Pins (or combination based on availability of your content)
  3. Board organization (creating sections, setting board covers)
  4. I will design custom board covers for your brand and upload to all of your boards 
  5. Custom Pinterest Magazine Templates 
  6. I will design your Pinterest Magazine style pins for your brand
  7. Ads management included up to $2500 a month ad spend and 2 ads a month with A/B split testing *Please note: For maximum impact it is suggested that you run ads for at least 3 weeks so that they are optimized. I sell a separate Pinterest Ads service which you may add on, pricing starts at 7% of total Ad spend


What to expect after your purchase:

  • You’ll receive a link to my calendar to book your strategy call
  • You’ll also receive a link to my branding intake form so that you can upload your brand identity (logos, fonts and colors) and other important information about your account
  • Once you have submitted all required information and have completed your strategy call with me, I will begin your monthly management service. 
  • You will be billed a recurring payment once per month on the day I confirm payment



Can I cancel at any time?

Management Packages require a 3 month minimum commitment requirement.

After three months, you may cancel my services at any time however if your recurring bill date is within 7 days of the next cycle you will be charged for that cycle. 


Why should I turn my Pinterest account into a magazine, like you have? 

Well Pinterest already is similar to a digital magazine platform because it allows you to share content that is relevant to your DREAM customers in one place. I take it a step further by creating actual magazine style pins so that YOUR PINS stand out from a sea of the same looking images. Your pins will be instantly recognizable and unique and will promote your brand with EVERY SINGLE REPIN. If you are unsure where to go with the idea of starting your own digital magazine, don’t sweat it that’s what I’m here for. When you book your strategy call I can give you ideas on your own magazine, features and content you can share plus even a name to add to your brand! Also, think of magazine pins as a CATALOG of your products/services. It’s an easy way to share what’s relevant and what you want to SELL with your audience! 


Do you suggest I also pin to my account even though I am utilizing your monthly management services? 

I don’t suggest powerpinning repins to your account more than once per day but you can pin as many fresh pins as you like. I will provide you with the link to your pins with your order once they are complete. 


Why can’t you start pinning fresh pins to my account immediately after I place my order?

I will login into your account and start working on your account within 7 business days EXCLUDING holidays and weekends (though I may start fiddling around and organizing) things but prior to our strategy call and you providing me the necessary branding information for your account, I will not start uploading fresh pins yet so that we can assure your business stays on brand. 

 It will take approximately two weeks from confirmation of all your submitted information for me to begin pinning fresh content to your account as I do need to design your pins and create your strategy. 

Why do you require a 3 month commitment to book your services? 

Pinterest is a long game and requires regular, consistent effort to see results. After 3 months, your business’s top searched keywords will have regularly “indexed” on Pinterest and Google. At a basic level this means that both Pinterest and Google’s algorithms will regularly “see” the keywords you use and your content/account and show your content in search results. As such it would be a disservice to your business to work together for less than 90 days. I suggest committing to a year of services to ensure your brand has regularly built up authority to maximize performance and results. 

Please note: While I can’t guarantee that you will make sales, I can tell you that the advice I can offer you is what I used to grow my Pinterest account to between 900K to 1.2 million monthly views and has allowed me to sell my own "high ticket" products and services PLUS work with top Bridal, Fashion and Lifestyle brands to create Pinterest content and help them stand out!