My love affair with Pinterest started way back in 2010 when Pinterest first arrived on the scene. Like you, I also spent a lot of time gathering inspiration and ideas for myself. I also liked to share inspiration with my custom wedding dress clients. 

I never thought of using Pinterest for my business until I noticed that I had been making several purchases on the platform. People were using Pinterest as an integral part of their marketing strategy and I WANTED IN!

I used Pinterest to drive traffic to a blog I used to write and it was a no brainer to start a new blog and use Pinterest to drive traffic to it as well. When I started noticing my views increasing, more traffic to my posts and my Etsy shop, I got excited and began strategizing new ways to grab traffic but it wasn't until last year during the Pandemic, I realized that following a few really great tips were what turned my account around. 


Optimizing my profile (using keywords where they counted and attracting my target audience with those keywords)

Curating high value boards to my audience

Designing my signature magazine style pins mixed in with repinning other relevant content to my audience 

And sharing inspiration and ideas in the form of fresh pins (pins I designed and uploaded to Pinterest myself, my results (including being able to sell custom wedding dresses at over $2000) even though so many couples had to cancel their weddings showed me the power of Pinterest and I'm excited to share that with you! 

I educate via content, curation and conversations so be sure to jump on my live video series where I host Q&A sessions and so much more to help you grow your Pinterest presence! 

And feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram, I even offer 15 minute DM chats to go deep on your issues on Pinterest. 

I'm excited for all the dope stuff your brand is going to share! Let's get it!