The 4 Deadly Sins of Pinterest Repurposing

The 4 Deadly Sins of Pinterest Repurposing

Not every post you create should be repurposed as is to Pinterest. 

Some will not work on the platform. 

Others need WAY more work to make them perfect for the kinds of people who hang out on Pinterest. 

Are you guilty of these 4 Pinterest content repurposing sins?

Here are 4 The 4 Deadly Sins of Pinterest Content Repurposing:

  1. Live video content - Pinterest introduced video pins which allow you to share longer format content on the platform. The last time I checked, videos are able to be 10 minutes long HOWEVER I haven’t seen most people sharing videos of that length on the platform yet. #ProTip: make short clips from your original videos and share them as individual pins. Aim for 10 to 60 seconds (10 to 15 seconds is the current “sweet spot”)
  2. Videos from Instagram - currently if you try to share an Instagram video to Pinterest by tapping the dots in the upper right hand corner of your posts, Pinterest will only share a random screenshot of the video. This can make your pins look blurry, out of focus or catch them at a weird time creating confusion on the context. #ProTip: upload the original video to your Pinterest account instead of simply resharing. 
  3. Reels or TikToks - Pinterest prefers “native” content, meaning content shared directly to the platform. Also, sharing content with logos from other platforms may cause your pin to take an algorithm “hit”. #ProTip: record your Reels and TikToks with your phone and upload them to each platform individually. Add text overlay and effects separately. 
  4. Resharing Instagram square shaped posts - Pinterest prefers vertical rectangle shaped pins that are at least 600x900px. Your pins will do better if you make sure to size them correctly. #ProTip: use a template! I use Instagram Story templates on Canva because I can further repurpose pins into Idea Pins on Pinterest; the standard Pinterest pin size is a little too tall and wide. Use whichever template you prefer, just make sure it’s a vertical rectangle for best performance on the platform. 

So that’s it, are you committing any of these DEADLY Pinterest repurposing sins? Let me know that you’re changing your ways by dropping a in the comments below!

And don’t worry about it, you’re forgiven, go forth and sin no more :) 

Stay Dope!

💖Dani Simone, 📌The Pinterest Plug


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