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#StopSleepingOnPinterestEpisode 2: 3 Tips For Getting Started On Pinterest

📌3 Tips For Getting Started on Pinterest What’s up Boo!  Today I’m sharing 3 tips to get started on Pinterest! The number one question I get in my s and live sessions is how do you get started on Pinterest and it’s honestly easier than you think! All week I’ll be dropping the knowledge on ways to get your Pinterest poppin and honestly it all starts with a strong foundation.  #1: Create and pin from a business account. I say this all the time, we don’t pin with personal accounts. A business account will help you see and analyze your numbers and you can run ads plus more business building tools are available to you if you utilize a business...

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3 Tips To Repurpose Your IG Content For Pinterest!

Today I’m sharing 3 Tips To Repurpose Your IG Content For Pinterest! I get asked all the time how the heck can I make it easier for people to share content on Pinterest so here’s a few quick tips you can use ASAP! Use Canva’s Pro Membership and resize your Instagram designs into Pinterest pins. You may have to do a bit of fiddling around to make things look right but it will cut down on time needed to design the pin from scratch. Screenshot your top performing Instagram posts then share them as a story on Pinterest. If you don’t have the Pinterest story feature yet, no worries, video pins are performing well so just share it as a...

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Pinterest Users Have DEEP Pockets!

Yesterday, I got you interested in Pinterest by sharing that over 320 million people are active on the platform every day. While Facebook boasts 4.5 billion, 320 million is nothing to scoff at and I think you may find your DREAM customers on Pinterest.  Today, let’s chat about the second reason why you should stop sleeping on Pinterest which is that Pinterest users have the highest income of all social media platforms. This is so important to understand when deciding whether or not to get on the platform.  Pinterest’s users’ pockets run DEEP.  And the interesting thing about Pinterest is that it’s easy to click and purchase and has been from it’s inception.  Pinterest BEEN had shopping on the platform. ...

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