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She’s Gotta Have It - Dream Customers Buy From Brands That Solve Their Problems

Are you struggling to connect with your potential customers? Are you solving your customer’s needs? Do your potential customers feel that way about YOUR products or services? Or do they not even see the value in what you offer? Learn why high value customers make super fast decisions to buy from you and why others don't and how to make sure you are adding value to your customers by providing products or services they actually NEED. 

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Pinterest Views Dropped? You're Not Alone!

If you’ve noticed a drop in your views on Pinterest, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many things that go into how many views you get on Pinterest and of course content is one of them and consistency is yet another. Being 100% transparent, I have NOT been pinning as often as I’d like because I’ve been caught up with Clubhouse and creating content for this blog and Instagram.  The thing is that even though my views have dropped, my followers have increased every day AND my engagement is up. So what gives?  Personally I think people could be in and out of the house doing Christmas or Holiday Shopping.  Or they are just not as focused on Pinterest but...

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