#StopSleepingOnPinterestEpisode 2:  3 Tips For Getting Started On Pinterest

#StopSleepingOnPinterestEpisode 2: 3 Tips For Getting Started On Pinterest

📌3 Tips For Getting Started on Pinterest

What’s up Boo! 

Today I’m sharing 3 tips to get started on Pinterest! The number one question I get in my s and live sessions is how do you get started on Pinterest and it’s honestly easier than you think! All week I’ll be dropping the knowledge on ways to get your Pinterest poppin and honestly it all starts with a strong foundation. 

#1: Create and pin from a business account.

I say this all the time, we don’t pin with personal accounts. A business account will help you see and analyze your numbers and you can run ads plus more business building tools are available to you if you utilize a business account on Pinterest.  

#2: Make sure all your brand imagery matches. Look like a pro by using matching fonts, colors and your logo across all platforms. Use Canva if you need to DIY it. 

#3: Work on your Bio

Use keywords in the “Name” section of your profile because it’s keyword rich. Make sure you are using compelling CTAs to grab your audience’s attention. Make sure you use the right link in your bio. Make your profile irresistible! 

Listen, working on your Pinterest account will take time, effort and consistency but the pay offs are worth it. 

Do you see any work you need to do to your profile?

 Let me know in the comments! 

💖Dani Simone, The Pinterest Plug 

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