She’s Gotta Have It - Dream Customers Buy From Brands That Solve Their Problems

She’s Gotta Have It - Dream Customers Buy From Brands That Solve Their Problems

Dream Customers Buy From Brands That Solve Their Problems

Are you solving your customer’s needs? 

Are you sure?

Here’s the issue I find with so many brands who are trying to grow, get customers and are struggling. 

  • They haven’t identified a KNEE-JERK-REACTION LEVEL NEED. 
  • Their product or service hasn’t become the OBVIOUS choice yet. 
  • They post to crickets because their positioning is off. 
  • They do LIVE videos and no one shows up and launch new products that no one buys because they haven’t figured out what makes their target audience say “OMG I NEED THAT!”

I gotta tell you it is NOT about price. 

Except to really cheap people. Cheap people are cheap with themselves so even if they see an obvious solution to their issue, they just pass it by thinking they’ll find it for less. We all know how that turns out. 

High value customers don’t do that. 

They know that there is SOMETHING out there that is perfect for what their issue is and they will SNAP THAT ISH UP when they come across it. 

I am a high value customer. 

I invest in my business and in myself. 

I buy items for my home, family and more. 

I very rarely buy on based on price because quality matters more to me. 

If I have a question or a problem I usually head to Pinterest, YouTube or Google. 

I read a bit, research a bit and make a decision. Sometimes it’s a snap decision. But it’s a decision nonetheless. 

For example, last week I bought a 3-in-1 phone/tablet/camera stand for recording myself sketching on Pinterest. I needed a solution for filming overhead videos without it being in the way. I’ve legit searched for a solution for years. I was tired of using a jenky selfie stick on a pile of books with a 10lb weight holding it still. And my ring light tripod shaking like a leaf in the Chicago breeze. Because the stand was made for people like me I decided to buy it, no questions asked. 

Remarkable Creators 3-in-1 Phone and Tablet Stand Bundle - Weighted Base Version

I initially was leaning towards the $99 stand that only holds a phone but I ended up seeing the version I got that holds phones, cameras and IPADs and I’m getting an IPAD soon. The item was $40 more (total $156 with shipping) but guess what, It was exactly what I needed, placed in the right place and solved my need. 

Listen, I dropped those coins like they were on 🔥. And by the way for those who are wondering where they can get one too, check it out HERE. (I told you I got you!)

My question for you is: 

Do your potential customers feel that way about YOUR products or services? 

Or do they not even see the value in what you offer? 

Take a bit of time and think about the last time you saw something you just HAD to have and write down a little bit about the situation, wgat made you take action, why did you feel it was what you needed, etc. Then spend some time looking at your offers and figure out how to inject some of that “I GOTTA HAVE IT”-ness into your brand. 

💖Dani Simone

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