Pinterest Views Dropped? You're Not Alone!

Pinterest Views Dropped? You're Not Alone!

If you’ve noticed a drop in your views on Pinterest, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There are many things that go into how many views you get on Pinterest and of course content is one of them and consistency is yet another.

Being 100% transparent, I have NOT been pinning as often as I’d like because I’ve been caught up with Clubhouse and creating content for this blog and Instagram. 

The thing is that even though my views have dropped, my followers have increased every day AND my engagement is up.

So what gives? 

Personally I think people could be in and out of the house doing Christmas or Holiday Shopping. 

Or they are just not as focused on Pinterest but they come back later to check on accounts they love (I continuously see the same names repinning and reacting to my latest pins at one time, I call them superfans).

You have to accept that social media is a fickle mistress.

Sometimes folks are going to be all over what you pin and post and sometimes crickets.

But you need to develop your brand on Pinterest (and everywhere else) so that people keep coming back to you day after day. 

I’ve built a STRONG brand presence on Pinterest with my signature magazine style pins and content. 

I’m sharing what makes me excited and what I’m knowledgeable about with my Pinterest magazine AisleTrends by Dani Simone. 

I’m connecting with my audience of brides and #weddingdressobessed super fans who love the ideas I curate and present on Pinterest. And in 2021 I'm excited to try new things and create different types of content because experimenting is the name of the game. 

That’s the formula for gaining new followers even when your views are down. It’s really not rocket science or something super fancy. I feel like anyone can do it. You just need to narrow down your niche and connect with your audience through content they find valuable. 

I’m going to chat more with y'all about creating a niche in your industry to be an expert on, and then creating content within that niche to attract your fans.

Feel free to DM me in the meantime if you need ideas. I love to support yall and I’m here to help. 

I got you!

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