Pinterest Is An Infinite Digital Magazine

Pinterest Is An Infinite Digital Magazine

This week I’m sharing 5 Reasons Why I Publish My Magazine On Pinterest. Check out the all 5 reasons here plus my deeper dive into my first reason. Let’s jump to number two because to me it is SO important: 

Pinterest is basically an infinite digital magazine that anyone can start.

Or rather your Pinterest account is already similar to a magazine in that every time you pin, you are sharing with your potential audience content they care about. 

It is super easy to share content by just repinning and when you see the performance of your pins, you’ll also be able to understand what types of content your audience wants to see from you. 

I was able to learn very quickly that my audience (like me) wanted MORE wedding dresses than anything else! 

I’ve organized my account in such a way to make it easy for my audience to find what they are looking for. 

And I’ve taken what they repin like crazy and used it to inform my content.

The thing that is so cool is that you can find accounts that speak to all the things you love. I for example get lots of tips for parenting, cooking, fitness, home decor and branding. 

My feed looks like some of my favorite subjects which of course keeps me coming back for more! 

And that’s the beauty of Pinterest. Your potential audience is just waiting for you to share with them your ideas, inspiration, style, tips, advice, and more! 

You can use Pinterest as a magazine and stand out as an expert or Influencer in your Industry all because you share important, relevant content on a regular basis! 

Make sure you come back tomorrow for reason number 3 out of 5  5 Reasons Why I Publish My Magazine On Pinterest.

In the meantime, what kind of content would your Pinterest magazine feature? Let me know! 

Stay Pinfluential! 

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