How I Became An Influencer Using Pinterest

How I Became An Influencer Using Pinterest

This week I’m sharing why I decided to publish my magazine directly to Pinterest but I wanted to give you some insight into what can happen for you when you decide to join me in creating your own uniquely branded Pinterest magazine. 

I’ve become Pinterest famous! 

Not really lol. 

But, by publishing AisleTrends, my bridal trend report magazine directly to the Pinterest platform, I have been able to accomplish:

📌Selling wedding dresses for $2K+ even when other designers weren’t selling anything (and while on Maternity leave)

📌Plus having to waitlist and turn brides down (I.e. pick who I feel like working with) 

📌Growing my email list over 65% and continuing to get subscribers to my Bridal Summit months after it ended (evergreen traffic anyone??)

📌Getting brand deals/working with other bigger/more established designers and creating content for them - one of my designers even increased her prices by 25%!

📌Growing my group boards which has resulted in even more traffic for me 

📌Collaborating with industry pros all over the world 

📌Offers to sponsor my bridal design brand with manufacturing partners

This is just from a few months of consistently sharing my Pinterest magazine!

I've made a name for myself as a Bridal Trend Expert, by sharing my passion (or wedding dress obsession lol) in a unique format on Pinterest.  

What opportunities could you take advantage of by publishing your own Pinterest magazine?

Let me know what questions you have for me about publishing a Pinterest based magazine and I’ll try to answer them in an upcoming post on Instagram or Q&A session. 


Stay Pinfluential!


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