4 Reasons Why You Need To STOP Sleeping On Pinterest

4 Reasons Why You Need To STOP Sleeping On Pinterest

Look, Pinterest is NOT just for pinning ideas for redecorating your house, recipes for your upcoming holiday celebration or fitness routines you KNOW you ain't gonna use.

Pinterest is a WEALTH of information, tips, advice and CUSTOMERS who are eagerly waiting for you to show up! 

People tell me all the time, “Oh wow, I didn’t know you could use Pinterest for business!” or “I just use Pinterest to look for ideas for meal planning”. So many people tend to overlook Pinterest’s amazing power and effectiveness for getting leads and buyers for their businesses. 

I get it. 

If you have any sort of history with Pinterest, the platform looks so different from all other social media platforms so that makes it hard to understand how to use it.

But that’s where I come in. Don’t worry, I got you!

I'm on a mission to help businesses, brands and entrepreneurs learn to use this amazing platform to GRAB their audience’s attention, get SUPER FANS for their brands and SELL their offers, products and services like CRAZY. And I’ll show you how to do it by using Pinterest in the most UNIQUE and BRANDED way!

But before we get into that, I’d love to introduce you to Pinterest and give you a brand new perspective on this platform. 

Over the course of this week, I will show you 4 reasons WHY you should consider adding Pinterest to part of your brand and marketing strategy. I’ll dive deep into each reason to help you change your thought process about the platform and help you see that you too can have success on Pinterest, and if you stick with me, I’ll show you how.

2021 is fast approaching and adding Pinterest to how you communicate with the world is going to be an amazing and intelligent choice for your business. 

So, let’s hop into the 4 Reasons Why You Need To STOP Sleeping On Pinterest!

  1. There are over 320 million active users on Pinterest PER DAY.
  2. Pinterest users have the highest income of all social media platforms.
  3. Pinterest marketing works for ALL Industries, businesses and brands INCLUDING local businesses!
  4. Pinterest is an excellent place to build and grow your audience because Pinterest is actively promoting and supporting brands and creators on the platform with tools and campaigns. 

Okay, so I’m going to discuss #1 with yall today to get the ball rolling! 

So as I stated above there are over 320 MILLION active users on Pinterest per day! 

Does your business need that kind of traffic? (Raises hand).

No seriously, while I am definitely not saying that you’ll be able to attract all those folks to what you're selling/offering, I AM saying that there are so many opportunities to grab your DREAM customer’s attention! 

Instead of  putting all your eggs in the Instagram or Facebook basket, isn’t it time you tried out a platform that is perfect for ALL kinds of businesses? 

Pinterest gets so much traffic simply because so many types of people are on the platform. People like: 

  • Parents looking for meals for their families or tips on child rearing
  • Folks who need to get in shape
  • Brides shopping for the perfect wedding dress, accessories, decor and more unique ideas for their big day
  • Job seekers  looking for resume and interviewing tips
  • Women (or men) who want gorgeous and healthy hair and hairstyle inspiration
  • People who want to drool over luxury & sports cars and high end dream homes
  • Families who need activities to do together
  • Folks who craft and sew and need ideas and inspiration
  • Teens looking for outfit inspiration
  • People looking for home based business ideas
  • Entrepreneurs searching for social media and marketing tips
  • And so much more!

Now, I gotta ask you, are any of these people your target audience?

Or are any of them similar to your target audience?

Can you see how your DREAM customer could be on Pinterest? 

You owe it to yourself and your business to explore if Pinterest is right for your brand.

And if you’re like, okay, sure Pinterest sounds great for my business but I don't know where to start, don’t worry, I got you! 

Stick with me over the next weeks to learn more about why Pinterest is great for your business and keep your eyes on my accounts, I have more in store for you and how you can get your Pinterest poppin the easy way!

I can’t wait to see what you will create and share with the world! 

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