5 Reasons Why I Publish My Magazine On Pinterest

5 Reasons Why I Publish My Magazine On Pinterest

So you might be wondering what makes me different from all the other Pinterest experts out there and the reason is pretty simple: I help aspiring Influencers and Experts stand out by creating digital Pinterest based magazines. 


I decided to take this week to focus on why I decided to publish my magazine to Pinterset and why you might want to think about doing the same if you want to be an influencer or expert in your own industry. 


Today, I’m sharing 5 Reasons Why I Publish My Magazine On Pinterest. I’ll dive deep into the first reason today, and for the rest of the week, I’ll go deeper into the four other reasons as well. You’ll also see me sharing Reels on Instagram on why (and how) I designed a Pinterest magazine plus ideas for your own. 


Alright, enough of all that, let’s jump into the 5 Reasons Why I Publish My Magazine On Pinterest:


#1 Magazines are bingeable and Pinterest is too.

#2 Pinterest is basically an infinite digital magazine that anyone can start.

#3 Magazines allow you to share content related to your audience on a regular basis. 

#4 Pinterest’s vertical pins look similar to magazine covers and features so why not? 

#5 Pinterest makes it easy to shop your online magazine with buyable pins and the ability to link directly to your blog, website or online shop! 


So my first reason is that Magazines are bingeable and Pinterest is too. How many times have you been on Pinterest, not realizing that you’ve lost track of time as you almost mindlessly save pin after pin? I know I’m not alone here! So many people tell me that they spend a ton of time on Pinterest, watching videos, looking at inspiration and saving everything they find onto their boards. 


Well isn't that a lot like looking through your favorite magazine? 


I know I can’t be alone with my magazine obsession, my eyes lighting up as I see the cover artwork, my excitement building as I flip through the pages, searching the table of contents to decide what I’ll read next or just jumping in and seeing all the new ads, editorials and more. Relaxing in my favorite chair as I enjoy a hot cup of tea and then sitting for hours as I go through my new precious (lol). 


Publishing a magazine on Pinterest gives your audience the ability to do everything I mentioned above DIGITALLY without all the expensive overhead including printing and shipping. 


I’m able to share content that my audience LOVES on a platform they also LOVE. Now how cool is that? 


I’ve chosen to be where my target customer is and serve em up what they really want to see! 


So that’s all I got for you today, make sure to check back in with me tomorrow when I go over the second reason why I chose to publish my magazine directly to Pinterest instead of using a blog or website for my content. 

In the meantime, let me know what questions you have for me about publishing a Pinterest based magazine and I’ll try to answer them in an upcoming post on Instagram or Q&A session. 


Stay Pinfluential!

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