Over 400 million people use Pinterest to find ideas, inspiration and advice on subjects they care about. 

Brands, Creators & regular people are sharing what’s new, next and what they are working on or are inspired by on the platform every day. To the tune of 300 billion pins since Pinterest launched in 2010. 

People from all over the world seek out Pinterest to learn how to do something or for their next big idea. 

My question for you is: why aren’t YOU sharing what makes you dope? 

If it’s because you’re confused about how to pin, when to pin or whether or not Pinterest makes sense for your business- no worries I got you! 

I provide Pinterest services that are tailored to your brand’s needs as well as strategy and design for a professional, authority building brand. 


With over 7.7K followers and growing steadily, countless viral pins, over 1 million monthly views and operating a custom wedding dress business averaging $2800 per sale AND whose main source of traffic is Pinterest, I can tell you for a FACT that YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

And here’s the most interesting part - you’re already sharing content on other platforms that you could be repurposing to Pinterest with the right strategy, the right keywords and an optimized account that poises you for the right eyes to see it! 


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You CAN build AUTHORITY On Pinterest